c|touch 2.0

copyright thomas hofmann 2018

SIG c|touch 2.0

the future of industrial interaction

a patented touch hmi with timeline visualization for efficient production control in the food industry

fast and intuitive
touch control


The HMI c|touch 2.0 embodies the essential user interface of future production lines of the SIG combibloc systems.


It’s the human-machine interface, through which the entire production process will be displayed and controlled.

time line based hmi


The core of the novel HMI is a time axis, which makes the entire production process comprehensible and predictable.


A patented visualization form has been developed for this purpose. Now the user can read all the essential production parameters.


Through the interactive history, it enables the user to view past, present and future production events.

The easy-to-understand icons make it possible for the users -who are partly unfamiliar with the system- to operate the production equipment safely even after a brief introduction.